Staying On Mission

By Pastor Mitch

What made Jesus’ leadership so incredible that two thousand years after his resurrection two billion people still follow him? Here’s one small but important fraction of the answer: He always stays on mission. 

Leadership means you’re going somewhere and people are coming with you. So where are you going? Well, where you go is informed by your mission. Your mission is like your map, it leads you while you lead others. 

So what was Jesus’ mission? Jesus states his mission simply in Luke 19:10, “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” 

If you study Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John you’ll never find Jesus off mission. He never bends to the wishes of the Pharisees, he never neglects to engage a sinner in need, he even dies to secure the eternal life of the lost. 

Furthermore, Jesus is STILL on his mission. Before ascending into heaven he commissioned his followers to continue his work, commanding them to “Go…and teach all nations, baptizing them…” In other words, “Seek and save those who are lost.” 

That's what we, as the church, are still doing to this day. We meet week-in and week-out, preaching the gospel, seeking, and saving. Which brings me to the point of this post: How can you be a leader at our church? You have to understand our mission. 

What is the mission of Griggs? 

Our mission is to make disciples particularly in the neighborhood of Poe Mill. 

What does it mean to make disciples? 

To see non-Christians become Christians, new Christians become mature Christians, and all Christians to seek and save the lost. 

What do we mean by “particularly in Poe Mill?” 

We believe in the local church. Our church is in the neighborhood of Poe Mill. Therefore we feel responsible for the neighborhood directly in our vicinity. This means that all of our evangelistic efforts take place in Poe Mill, all of our events are designed to serve those in Poe Mill, and we do everything with the needs of Poe Mill in mind. 

We believe that you were created to lead, and we need you to lead here at Griggs! It’s important that you attend, serve, give of your time and talent, but before you can do all of that effectively you have to give your heart to the mission, stay on mission, and bring others on mission with you! That’s leadership!