Griggs Groups 101

Why Griggs Groups? 

  • Griggs groups help us fulfill our mission. We want to be a church that has your back. 
  • Griggs groups will help us discuss what we’re learning in our Bibles on Sunday morning. 
  • Griggs groups will help us pray personally for one another, rather than generally.
  • Griggs groups will help add to the variety of services Griggs has to offer to its members and the community at large. 

What is Griggs Groups? 

The easiest, fastest way to describe Griggs Groups is this: We’re replacing our Sunday night service with Sunday School. 

Here are some quick facts: Griggs Groups are at the church. We start at 6 p.m. on Sunday nights. Everyone meets upstairs, sitting in the pews like any normal service. We start with two songs. Then, there will be a short, 10-15 minute message. The message will actually be a recap of the Sunday morning message (in case anyone missed it) with a handful of thought-provoking application points. Then, around 6:20 the men and women will split up for about half an hour into groups of 4-10 people. 

What happens during that half hour? 

The groups will meet in different rooms. Each group will have a designated leader. That leader will have about 5 discussion questions given to them by the pastor, and they will ask those questions to the group. Anyone who wants to answer can, but no-one necessarily HAS to. The hope is that a good discussion starts within the group. Additionally, the group will give prayer requests and the leader, or a willing volunteer, will pray over those requests. At about 7 o’clock the group will be dismissed. 

We hope that things get creative for each group. It would be wonderful for a participant to bring in snacks, or dessert, or, if the group plans ahead of time, maybe they can go out for dinner on occasion. The idea is not just to be acquainted with one another, it’s to know each other. To be in each other's lives as Christian friends week in and week out. 

What if the groups get too big? 

In the view of Griggs leadership, a group should not exceed 8-10 people. So each time we start to push that limit, a new leader will be selected and a new group will be replicated. This means we will likely be starting out with two guys groups and two girls groups and then replicating those groups as needed.