A Farewell from Lee and Carrie Miller

By Lee B. Miller

At the end of this month Carrie, Liam, and I will be moving away from Greenville. Deciding to leave so many people we know and love behind was not an easy decision, but it is what we know God has called us to do. We are heading to the Washington, DC, metro area where I will be working in the offices of the National Capitol and Virginia Divisional Command of the Salvation Army.

We are so glad that the Lord not only brought us to Griggs, but that He chose to keep Griggs going so that people like Carrie and me could be a part of this church. Not long before the time many of us came here, Griggs could have easily disappeared, but the Lord answered the persistent and fervent prayers of folks like Roger and Arlinda, Rick and Jane, Nora, and others that came before them. We are thankful for the leadership and sacrifices Pastor Mitch and Joanna have made to be faithful servants of Jesus for the Poe Mill community.  It has been great seeing lives changed through the power of the Gospel all because a few dedicated Christians followed God’s leading and stuck it out in a difficult situation.

Our time at Griggs has been one of the highlights of living in Greenville. It is said that a church is supposed to be a family, and that is certainly true of Griggs. Since the first Sunday we visited in the fall of 2015, we knew we were home. We are especially thankful for the positive impact this congregation has had on our son’s young life. There is no other church family we would have wanted Liam born into. Where else would he have found Church Nanna Tammy? And like any family, even though we may be hundreds of miles apart, that does not change our status as family members or diminish our love for you.

We are going to miss you, but look forward to visiting as often as possible, and if you are ever in our nation’s capital, let us know!

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you” Philippians 1:3

Lee has served as a deacon at Griggs since May 2016. You can contact him by emailing leemillerinfo@gmail.com.