Why do we do church membership?

By Pastor Mitch

Membership in the church happens when we step into the new covenant Jesus has made with us. Upon salvation, you not only join the church you become the church. The church is a people, not a place. 

The people of the church are divided up by geography. In the New Testament, we read Paul’s letters to those in Colossae (Colossians), Philippi (Philippians), and Ephesus (Ephesians). Those are just a few places where the church was blooming with new believers. 

Since the days of the early church, a lot more blooming has taken place. Now we have multiple gatherings in certain geographies. For an example, here in Greenville, there are hundreds of bodies of believers worshiping and serving Jesus together. 

For organizational purposes, it helps us to know which Christians are committed to our expression of Jesus' church. For accountability purposes, it’s good for you to commit to a local church where you’re known, loved, and contributing. 

So we have created a system called church membership to help us out. It doesn’t add anything to our salvation, but it’s a wonderful tool to help us minister to one another, take responsibility for our people, and move the mission of the church forward.