What do we expect from members of Griggs?

By Pastor Mitch Miller

When it comes to church membership, really all we ask is that you do what Jesus expects of you - love God and love others. We don't want to add or take away from the two great commandments. However, to be helpful, we give you a few tangible ways we believe your love for God and others should be displayed at Griggs: 

Worship - We expect you to commit to a life of personally worshiping Jesus, part of this means coming under the accountability of the church for when you do not. Jesus said, very clearly, that part of the responsibility of the church is to discipline those who run off into a lifestyle of unrepentant sin. This doesn't mean we publicly call you out for every sin. Then, we'd have to call out everyone (including me) all day every day. This means that, should you engage in a lifestyle of grievous sin, we'll come to you privately twice asking you to repent. If for some reason you choose a lifestyle of grievous sin over Jesus, we then tell the church to treat you as a non-believer, hoping and praying you one day align your lifestyle with the two great commandments again. 

Attendance - We expect you to attend our church on regular basis.  We'd encourage you to first ask Jesus how often he would like you to attend and then would ask that you seek to attend or serve at as many services as possible. In fact, we would love for you to attend every service, but if that isn’t possible with your schedule, we ask that you would pray about attending one other service outside of Sunday morning. 

Ownership - Simply put, serve and give in the capacities that you are capable. Additionally, upon joining Griggs, you receive the duty of voting in our church business meetings. Business meetings take place when we need to make a decision that would affect the entire church body. Ownership means prayerfully voting in any of the business meetings you are apart of and striving for unity in all church matters. 

Mitch Miller has served as the pastor of Griggs since the fall of 2015. You can read more of his writings at www.pastormitch.com