We exist to make disciples of Jesus in our neighborhood of Poe Mill in Greenville, SC. 


Our vision is to be a revitalized church that revitalizes other churches. 

Core Values

We want to be a church that Has your back

Sometimes we feel like no one has our best interests in mind, that we have to look out for ourselves because no one else is. At Griggs we aim to create a community of Christian friends who hear one another and help one another so that no one feels alone.

We want to be a church that Redeems past tragedies

We fall, we stumble, we sin. We make choices and decisions to be sure, but some of our failures are linked to the pain and suffering we have been through. At Griggs we believe that Jesus can use even evil for good and we aim to show people how their story, no matter how dark, can shed light on the gospel.

We want to be a church that Leads you to a bright future

There is nothing more disheartening than having nothing to look forward to. We believe that following Jesus ensures better living and thus better days ahead. Even when we suffer for Jesus, it’s better than suffering for the enemy. Our aim is to help you look forward to a life with Jesus in the world and the one to come.