Mitch Miller


Pastor Mitch is here to guide you through your calling as a child of Jesus. He's got a degree in Bible Evangelism, has ministered now at three churches, and now is busy raising Alden and Marin alongside his wife, Joanna. He's still got plenty of time for you, though. Don't be afraid to ask for anything, he doesn't judge nor does he bite. He's your pastor. 

Email: mitch@mitchmiller.me Twitter: @mitchmillerme Website: www.supportgriggs.com


Daniel Arter


Daniel is here for you too. He preaches, teaches, leads our sound team and the choir, and heads up the youth group. Daniel is currently working on a Leadership and Ministry degree and has previously worked as a church youth leader in Pennsylvania. He's ready to hear from you.

Email: danielarter@gmail.com  Website: www.danielarter.com