Mitch Miller


Pastor Mitch is here to guide you through your calling as a child of Jesus. He's got a degree in Bible Evangelism, has ministered now at three churches, and now is busy raising Alden and Marin alongside his wife, Joanna. He's still got plenty of time for you, though. Don't be afraid to ask for anything, he doesn't judge nor does he bite. He's your pastor. 

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Daniel Arter

Assistant Pastor

After several years serving as a deacon and working with youth in central Pennsylvania, Pastor Daniel and his wife Natalie moved to Greenville to pursue further education. He’s finishing a degree in Ministry and Leadership and will pursue his Master of Divinity afterwards. He has a passion for the preaching and teaching of the Word with an emphasis on discipleship. Feel free to contact him, he would love to chat with you about faith, life, and the church.

Email: | Facebook: danielarter