Jesus Centric

At Griggs we emphasize Jesus above all else. Jesus has made atonement for us through his life, death, and resurrection. He has given us eternal life! In light of this great truth, we walk like, talk like, act like, sing to, read about, preach about, and pray to JESUS!

Church Revitalization

Our church was started in 1936. In recent seasons, the church has struggled. In 2015 we found ourselves with no pastor, 1 deacon, and 5 members. In July of 2015, Pastor Mitch was called to revitalize Griggs and reach Poe Mill. We began implementing new strategies, recruiting new volunteers, and developing new traditions. Since then, we have added over 50 members and baptized over 20 people.

Neighborhood Based Mission

We welcome anyone from anywhere to join us on a mission to reach one neighborhood - Poe Mill. Our building is located right across the street from this historic Greenville neighborhood comprised of 320 houses. We feel that Jesus has called us to keep a narrow focus on taking care of our neighbors to the best of our ability, thus, all of our serving, evangelism, and events are in and for Poe Mill.